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Starfleet Wars

90 503K
Mar 20, 2020


Customize and deploy starships arranging them in various formations.
Put your strategy skills against AI and other players.
Win weekly challenges and stay on top of the leadeboards as long as you can.


In game tutorial and upcoming forum guide.

November 2, 2020

Added cheating protection. Increased some upgrades max level Various bug fixed

March 29, 2020

- Added a new weapon for each ship. - Increased money gained upgrade scaling. You will now get 30% more money from all sources. - Units stats with now rise exponentially with each level. Some ship equipment changed accordingly. - Each formation will now boost shields by 50% - Increased income earned by killing ships by 90% - "Survive 1.5 sec" is changed. It was mandatory for all builds. - Increased offline battles income by 200% - Fixed the pvp matchmaking at lower levels. - Increased prestige prices.

March 23, 2020

Rebalanced boss fights. 2nd attack of the frigates reduced by 10% Added a new skill for the 2nd skin of the interceptor.
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